Gringo Starr

The Lions Of South Kensington

On the last morning of our long weekend in London we headed to one of my favourite spots in London, the Natural History Museum. For me, it’s what come to mind when you picture a museum – from the rooms filled with fossils and precious stones to the stuffed animals and the entrance hall filled by the dinosaur skeleton, it has it all. This time however, my eye was drawn to the outside of the building, in particular the sculptures on the facade. When it was built, the Victorians believed they were building a cathedral to knowledge, and looking at the work that went into the decoration of the museum, you can see what they meant.

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  1. Luigi Speranza

    Those lions are just incredibly beautiful! Other favourite big cats of mine include the ones at the Natural Science Museum in LaPlata, the ones guarding Horatio Nelson at Trafalgar Square, and — last but by no means least, the ones at the Cathedral of Genoa! — One would think these beasts are local!

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