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Argentina is known for many things, Polo, Football, that unfortunate incident in the early 80s (started by a drunk General according to a taxi driver I had the other night) and of course Steak. Before coming here, you think, yeah yeah steak. We have great steak in Europe, how good can it be? Well, think again my little European amigos, it is incredible. Seriously words cannot do justice to how wonderful it is. For a more detailed description (and much better written than anything I could do) of Steak and Argentinian food in general see the marvellous Argentina on 2 Steaks a Day.  Frankly 2 a day is a little ambitious, and I tend to go for the Steak and Starve technique. On day one go for the Bife de Lomo option (usually served on it's own with nothing to distract from the cowly goodness) and the next day stick to salad and empanadas and then on day 3 back to a Bife de Chorizo or Asado (ribs).

Most places cook it on a parilla, which is basically a bloody great barbecue, and it arrives at the table nicely blackened and oozing blood and juice. So, it already looks great, and then you cut into it and the first thing you notice is the ease with which your knife slides through the meat. Not the slightest resistance, you barely have to move your wrist. A little bit of chimmichurri sauce on it and then in it goes into your mouth which is when the fun starts. This is not the chewy stringy experience you might find in your local Harvester, it has the consistency of a boiled potato, which might not sound very appetizing but imagine a nice soft boiled potato that tastes of steak, well that is steak. So the first mouthful goes down very smoothly and you are left with a wonderful meaty, grilled, charcoal taste in your mouth. A long slow gulp of Malbec and you put your glass down very happy. Then you look at your plate and you realise that this is just the beginning.

Right, off to lunch now. Buen provecho.

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