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Unrelated to my travels but it’s my blog etc etc. Got this mail from my Dad this morning, one of many tales of derring-do in the family:

My Great Grandad James Jago (born in Ireland in the 1840s and a Sandgate coastguard) was in the Hythe boat which sank during the rescue (I’ve got a photo of him and the crew on a different occasion posing for the camera). The story is that my Grandad George dashed into the surf to pull him out when the lifeboat went down. Anyway Uncle Tom had the medal and when my cousin Jim (Tom and Mick’s brother) emigrated to Australia in 1965 it went with him. He died after a few years and since then there have been one or two requests to his widow to return it to England – and now here it is:

Benvenue Medal Front

Benvenue Medal Back

Details of the rescue can be found here and more here.