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OK, so you’ve read the last entry and are thinking, wait a minute, one minute he’s in Machu Picchu and now he’s blathering on about being in California? How can that be? Well, yes faithful reader, I am indeed in California, the Golden State (not the Sunshine State as Beavis and Butthead who were sat behind me on the bus from LAX claimed, huh huh huh).

I cheated and in the time it takes a bus to go from Buenos Aires to the Bolivian border, I went to San Diego. Which was somewhat of a culture shock I can tell you. Talk about a contrast. South America is (at the moment) cold. San Diego is not. South America is dirty. San Diego is not. All the billboards and placenames in South American are in Spanish. Um, they are in San Diego too. So, one thing in common anyway.