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A pile of Facturas

This is what breakfast looks like in Argentina. Every couple of blocks or so you stumble across a panaderia, the Argentine equivalent of a bakers or boulangerie. What’s unusual about this is that bread in this country is actually pretty poor, but what they do do well is sweet stuff. From Dulce de Leche to ice cream to alfajor biscuits to gallons of full-fat Coke it’s a miracle there are any teeth left. And in keeping with this cavity-inducing culinary lifestyle. breakfast is, for the most part, sweet too.

Facturas can be lots of different shapes and sizes, but the basics are the same. They’re cakes. That you have for breakfast. The most common is the medialuna (literally halfmoon) and all cafes do a coffee and medialuna combo in the morning, although my favourite way of eating them is warm, filled with ham and cheese.